The  StQW Neighbourhood Forum is an independent non-political body, run by and on behalf of the local community, open to anyone that lives or works in the area, together with elected councillors from the relevant borough wards.

Members of the Forum include all those who are also members of the St Helens Residents Association. The Association has been working in the area since 2008 and initiated the idea of preparing a neighbourhood plan for this part of W10.  The Association is recognised and accredited by RB Kensington & Chelsea, and has the council’s Gold Standard award for being a well-run organisation.

Membership of the association and Forum is made up of 370 residents and local businesses.  Monthly newsletters are circulated to all members who have an email address.

There is no membership fee for either body.  Please email to if you would like to join, giving your postcode or street address..

During 2013-15 the neighbourhood forum prepared a Neighbourhood Plan for the area.  This was successful at its local referendum in 2016 and was adopted by RB Kensington and Chelsea in 2018.  The policies and site designations in the plan from part of the Local Plan for the Borough, and the Council’s support for these policies will continue under the new RBKC Local Plan due for adoption in mid 2023.

The Forum continues to work on planning issues in the area in responding to consultations and submitting representations on planning applications, in RBKC and in the nearby part of Hammersmith & Fulham.

The Forum has a management committee, elected at its AGM in October June 2022.  This meets jointly with the committee of the St Helens Residents Association, as membership overlaps.  The current members are:

Tania Martin (Secretary), David Marshall, Pat Healy, Henry Peterson (Chair), Steve Divall, Jenny Harborne, Fiona Withey and Peter Chapman.

You can contact the Forum on 0207 460 1743 or at 95 Highlever Road, W106PW.