Our part of West London is surrounded by major new developments, and is subject to big changes over the next 10-15 years including the proposed regeneration being planned by the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation.  Our neighbourhood area lies at the south east corner of the OPDC boundary.

The St Quintin and Woodlands Neighbourhood Forum was designated by RB Kensington and Chelsea in 2013.  Over the following two years we put together a draft neighbourhood plan which was successful at its local referendum in 2016 and was adopted by the Council in 2018. 

Our Neighbourhood Plan aims to secure the future of a neighbourhood that offers the best features of life in central London, for this and future generations.

We are an independent body that involves and represents the views of the local community.  We were formed by our sister body the St Helens Residents Association  (www.sthelensresidents.org.uk) and share our membership of 390 residents and businesses in this part of North Kensington.  We also work closely with the nearby Old Oak Neighbourhood Forum

The Forum continues to work with the Council on future planning policy for this part of North Kensington.  The St Helens Residents Association monitors all planing applications in the neighbourhood area, and ensures that these meet the policies in the neighourhood plan as well as the Borough’s Local Plan