How a neighbourhood plan can be funded

Neighbourhood Planning in England was introduced by the Government in 2011, as part of the Localism Act.   The Ministry of Housing and Local Government  is responsible for the overall programme.  There are over 800 neighbourhood plans in force across Englan (as of late 2019).

The organisation Locality is the main sources of support and information on neighbourhood planning, and administers on behalf of the Government a programme of small grants to those areas preparing neighbourhood plans.

The St Helens Residents Association received a grant of of £6,940 to meet the basic costs incurred by the StQW Forum in preparing the StQW Neighbourhood Plan (printing, distribution of leaflets, room hire, and a ‘healthcheck’ of the plan in draft form).

This grant was held and disbursed  on behalf of the Forum by the Dalgarno Neighbourhood Trust.  The Forum is grateful for the help of the Trust, and for this financial support from the Ministry of Housing and Local Government Department (MHCLG).

All other input to the preparation of the neighbourhood plan has been from volunteers on the management committee and from colleagues across London who form part of the network