The first steps undertaken by the the St Quintin and Woodlands Neighbourhood Forum involved asking people who live or work in the Neighbourhood to help shape the policy proposals in the Neighbourhood Plan

A survey of all households in the neighbourhood area took place in early 2014.  This asked questions on a range of issues which affect our lives, such as housing, transport, shopping, parks, healthcare, education, conservation and development.

You can access a copy of all the answers in the 106 responses to the survey, grouped under each question, at this link StQW Survey responses.  These responses are in anonymous form, with all personal details removed.

A Consultation Version of the StQW Draft Plan was published in December 2014 and comments invited over an 8 week period.   These responses were taken into account in preparing the subsequent Submission Version of the StQW Neighbourhood Plan, as forwarded to RB Kensington and Chelsea in May 2015.

You can read all the consultation comments, and the StQW responses to these, in the StQW Consultation Statement.  This Statement also explained the steps taken by the Forum in consulting with local people. The Council subsequently undertook a further 6 week consultation on the StQW Draft Plan.

This material on the consultation process used to finalise the neighbourhood plan can be found on the RBKC website at this link.