The Forum’s management committee is made up of between 8 and 14 members.  Following our AGM on June 8th 2023, the committee has increased in size with several new members being elected.   There are now 12 committee members and two co-opted members as below

Catherine Mannheim (Highlever Road), Pat Healy (Oakworth Road). Tania Martin (Highlever Road), Henry Peterson (Chair) (Highlever Road), Fiona Withey (Kelfield Gardens), David Marshall (Finstock Road), Steve Divall (St Helens Church), Nathaniel Gee (Oxford Gardens), Ben Martinez (St Helens Gardens), Kim Evans (Dalgarno Gardens), Jeremy Raphaely (Highlever Road). Stephen Duckworth (Pangbourne Avenue).

There are also two co-opted members of the committee, Jenny Harborne and Maggie Tyler.

The committee was first elected at the inaugural meeting of the StQW Forum, held in June 2013.

The Forum’s Constitution has been reviewed and the version at this link includes the minor changes as agreed at the June 8th 2023 AGM.