Redesignation of the neighbourhood forum

Our forum was first designated by RB Kensington and Chelsea in 2013. Designation under the 2011 Localism Act last for 5 years at a time. We applied successfully for ‘redesignation’ in 2018 and applied a second time to the Council in mid 2023.

RBKC consulted on our application from late August 2023 until October 6th. A total of 75 representations were received. Of these 72 supported the redesignation.

The Council has now formally confirmed the decision to redesignate via a ‘Key Decision’.

The documents involved can be downloaded below. We are grateful for the support shown by our members and other in the neighbourhood.

The Forum is now embarking on a review and update of our neighbourhood plan, which was adopted by RBKC as part of the development plan for the Borough in 2018.