Latimer Road – a time for some new ideas?

One of the original aims of setting up this neighbourhood forum was to revitalise Latimer Road.   Ever since the construction of the Westway, this street has not flourished as a part of the Freston/Latimer Employment Zone, one of the Borough’s only three such zones.

Public transport access to the area is poor, and the street lacks the cafes, coffee shops and eating places that office locations need (although the arrival of the bar at the Playground Theatre has helped).  Low footfall on the street makes it less secure for residents.

New policies in the StQW Neighbourhood provide greater flexibility on permissible planning uses in the four sections of the street designated for employment use (see map below).   There is scope for Units-14 to redevelop with housing above the employment floorspace at ground and mezzanine level.

Latimer Road map, showing sections of the EZ (in purple) and location for proposed Overground station at ‘Western Circus’

The long delays on construction of the proposed pedestrian/cycle underpass between the southern end of Latimer Road and the Imperial campus in Wood Lane has not helped matters.  We are promised that Imperial College remains committed to this project, to be delivered by the third quarter of 2019.

Now in summer 2018, the Council has expressed interest in some new planning initiatives in Latimer Road, working with the StQW Forum.  Westway Trust is also carrying out a major review of its property portfolio, which includes the land at 310 Latimer Road (site of the proposed subway) as well as those parts of its estate at the Westway Sports Centre.

Thoughts and ideas from building owners in Latimer Road would be welcome.   We will convene a meeting of residents and businesses in the street in the the next couple of months, to discuss emerging ideas from the Council and the Forum.   Let us know at info@stqw,org  if you have any immediate ideas, or would be interested in attending such a meeting.