Our responses to recent RBKC consultations on Latimer Road

The Council has been consulting in recent weeks on two consultation documents on Latimer Road. Members who took part on our AGM on 13th May discussed both of these. At the end of these discussions views on a number of questions and statements were collected via Zoom polls.

Our responses, in final draft form, can be read and downloaded at the links below. These will be submitted to the Council late on 19th May to meet the consultation deadline.

Draft Design Code for Units 1-14 Latimer Road at this link http://stqw.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/StQW-response-to-Latimer-Road-Design-V5.pdf

A PDF version of the slides on the Design Code, as used at our May 13th AGM can be found here http://stqw.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/Slides-on-Draft-Design-Code-1.pdf

Extension of the boundary of the Oxford Gardens/St Quintin Conservation Area to include sections of Latimer Road. at this link http://stqw.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/StQW-and-SHRA-response-on-Conservation-Area-boundary.pdf

Any final comments should be sent to sthelensassn@aol.com

Consultation on streetscape improvements in St Helens Gardens

One further RBKC consultation on stretscape and traffic safety measures in St Helens Gardens runs until June 14th. In this instance the Council has a circulated a hard copy leaflet to household shops in the immediate area, but not the whole neighbourhood.

We will hold a further Zoom session open to all members, in early June to discuss a response.