The new Local Plan for Kensington and Chelsea

The Council has been consulting on the ‘Regulation 18’ of a new Local Plan for the Borough. This will replace the version adopted in 2019.

This consultation draft is not a finalised set of proposals. The current consultation ends on March 23rd 2022. The Council will then consider all responses and publish a revised Regulation 19 version of the Draft Local Plan in late 2022. Independent examaination of the Draft Plan by a Planning Inspector will follow. Adoption of the final new Local Plan is expected in the second half of 2023.

The joint management committee of the StQW Neighbourhood Forum and the St Helens Residents Association has drawn up a response to the consultation.

This response document can be downloaded by clicking on the green link below. The text is too small to read onscreen. (A warning that this is a 40 page document that covers all of the questions asked by the Council on the whole of their Draft Local Plan).

This reponse will be submitted to RBKC on March 23rd, to meet the Council’s deadline. If you have an comments or concerns about what we are saying in this response,, please email by March 22nd so that there is time to liaise on any amendments.

Anyone can of course send in to the Council their own views responding to any part of this consultation exercise.