RBKC proposals for new e-bike parking bays

The council is consulting on installing 164 new bays for parking rented e-bikes, across the Borough.  The reasoning for this initiative is as below:

The number of trips made by rental e-bikes has increased greatly in Kensington and Chelsea over the last few years.

However, we recognise that parking of rental e-bikes on narrower footways can cause a nuisance to residents, particularly where the footway is obstructed for those using wheelchairs or buggies. The Council is therefore proposing to provide dedicated parking bays in appropriate locations across the borough for use by e-bike hire operators and their customers. This will allow us to bring more control to where bikes are parked and reduce the impact on pedestrians.

A new Traffic Order is required to introduce these new bays.  Streetscape changes and removal of resident parking bays have proved to be contentious issues in this neighbourhood. 

Increasing use of e-bikes as an alternative and sustainable use of transport has its supporters, but rental e-bikes also cause problems for pedestrians.  Riding on the pavement, and dumping bikes after use, are two such downsides to increasing use of rented bikes.

This RBKC consultation runs until May 17th.  Anyone can submit comments to the RBKC Sustainable Transport Team at ebikes@rbkc.gov.uk.  The consultation website is at Rental e-Bike Cycle Parking Bays – Kensington and Chelsea’s Consultation and Engagement Hub – Citizen Space (rbkc.gov.uk)

This RBKC web page includes a link to an online survey form, if you wish to comment on a specific proposed location.

Listed below are the locations proposed within the StQW neighbourhood area, on which members may wish to comment.

(f) on the east side of St Helen’s Gardens, to convert a single residents’ parking bay opposite No. 61 St Helen’s Gardens, to a dockless bicycle bay

(i)   to convert 5 metres (16ft) of residents’ parking to a dockless bicycle bay at the locations below:

xv. on the east side of Bracewell Road, opposite No. 61 Bracewell Road

xxxvi. on the south side of Dalgarno Gardens, to the rear of No. 67 Barlby Road, situated in Dalgarno Gardens

lxi.on the east side of Highlever Road, outside No. 104 Highlever Road;

lxxi.on the south side of Kelfield Gardens, outside the flank wall of No. 33 Wallingford Avenue, situated in Kelfield Gardens

cv.on the south side of Oxford Gardens, outside No. 187 Oxford Garden

cvii.on the west side of Pangbourne Avenue, outside the flank wall of No. 46 St Quintin Avenue, situated in Pangbourne Avenue

cxxxv.on the east side of St Mark’s Road,  outside the flank wall of No. 92 Oxford Gardens, situated in St Mark’s Road (across the road from StQW boundary;

cxxxvi.on the west side of St Mark’s Road. outside the flank wall of No. 110 Barlby Road, situated in St Mark’s Roadcxxxix.on the north-west side.

Schedules of all locations in St Helens and Dalgarno wards, with photos, are below:

These proposed parking locations are for e-bikes. The current trial of e-scooters for hire is a Transport for London initiative and is managed by TfL

The most recent statement from TfL on the future of the trial is as follows,

‘Our current trial of rental e-scooters is expected to run to autumn 2023. We are currently running a competitive procurement process for the new phase of London’s rental e-scooter trial, and operators will be selected on their ability to meet strict safety requirements and high operating standards.’